General arrangement of the engine

A car's drive unit (engine) consists of many technically complicated components that may fail over time due to poor operation, improper servicing or external causes. A timely trip to the repair shop can save us the hassle of a major engine service (overhaul) and end up only with the repair of the drive unit. This is of great importance, especially when the engine is not fully exploited.

  • Removing the engine from the vehicle
  • Engine disassembly
  • Checking the status of all components
  • Replacement of damaged parts
  • Belt replacement
  • Repair of the cylinder head, if necessary (replacement of gaskets)
  • Repair / reparation of fuel injectors
  • Repair of the turbocompressor, if necessary
  • Repair of block engines, if necessary (replacement of pistons, main bearings, bearings)
  • Change of oil and other fluids, change of all filters
  • Reinstalling the engine in the vehicle
  • Checking for leaks and correct engine operation
Autoservis24 recommends

Before any intervention on the engine, regarding the complete picture of the condition, a test and a recording of the condition of the engine is done. After the engine revision, a complete detection and examination of every single part and assembly of the engine is carried out. Only after that are the norms for the necessary works, as well as the specification of materials. Every part and assembly is refined and tested. In addition, service and necessary repairs are carried out on all aggregates and assemblies such as the electric starter, alternator, high pressure pump, oil pump, distribution mechanism, head and cylinders, valves, clutch assembly, carburetor, intake and exhaust manifold, injectors, and other.

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