Our center for service, repair and replacement of batteries

The battery is the power source for many key components in your vehicle. Don't forget to have your car checked and serviced regularly to save time and money. Checking your battery at every oil change can keep you from going off track.

Battery diagnostics and maintenance includes:

•          Visual and physical inspection for loose connections, dirt and corrosion

•          Performance testing with a measuring device

•          From connecting and cleaning cable ends and battery terminals

•          Applying a protective coating to prevent moisture and delay corrosion

•          Replacement of worn or damaged cable ends

•          Tightening the cable to the battery for optimal connection

If your battery has adequate capacity but is still losing charge, further testing is required. This type of test involves determining the electrical draw of the starter and alternator output.

Your Autoservis 24 at Samoborska 264 has equipment and highly trained technicians who will meet all the needs of car inspection, service, battery replacement and installation.